On this page you’ll find the Specs, Drivers, Software and User Manuals for specific products or most used products. Please download freely but consult with your local partner every time to verify the product availability.


GreenWave Products Specs Table
Product typeProduct range nameProduct power rangepdf
UPS - Line InteractiveMidi Range650VA to 1,500VAMIDI Series SpecsSheet
UPS - VFI - Single PhaseUltra Range1,000VA to 10,000VAULTRA Series SpecsSheet
Alternative Power Source (APS)GW NBT & IR1200W to 6000WGW NBT1200-24 SpecsSheet
GW IR3000-48 SpecsSheet
GW IR4000-48 SpecsSheet
GW IR6000-48 SpecsSheet
VRLA BatteriesGW Series0.5Ah to 28AhGW Series SpecsSheet
VRLA BatteriesNW RA Series33Ah to 100AhNWRA1233 SpecsSheet
NWRA1240 SpecsSheet
NWRA1265 SpecsSheet
NWRA12100 SpecsSheet
Solar Mobil ChargersSM Series20W to 1600WGW-SM20

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