GreenWave Co., Ltd. is a professional power protection manufacturer and distributor. The company initiators are a group of experienced engineers who has been in the power electronic and power protection field for long years. Today Greenwave is a young, dynamic and professionally managed company that is spread over several regions in the world including Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Greenwave product portfolio varies from UPSs, to Sealed Lead Acid maintenance free batteries, to a wide range of surge suppressors and solar related devices.


In UPSs, starting with the small range of Line interactive UPSs of 600VA to 1500VA Line-Interactive UPS, and 1 to 10KVA On Line – Double conversion UPSs, GreenWave have gained the market support and the confidence of our customers due to the stable product quality, competitive pricing and unique features.

Later on, Greenwave invested considerable capital in the research and development of 3phase ON-LINE UPS and secured the exclusive technology for ON-LINE UPS manufacturing. Today Greenwave is able to manufacture MICROPROCESSOR DSP Controlled ON-LINE UPS ranging from 1KVA to 3000KVA.
Our UPSs have all the needed accessories to fulfill your needs, from SNMP cards, to sophisticated software to ensure the monitoring and shutdown of your servers remotely. Please consult our authorized reseller in your region to guarantee you are getting the best presale and after sales support.


Our company motto is “Customer satisfaction first” so Greenwave is proud to offer all needed after sales services to support our products. Please contact us for any clarification about the authorized reseller in your region to guarantee you are getting the best presale and after sales support.

This web site will help you in understand our business philosophy. You will also get an overview of our product ranges as well as an insight into our products / solutions.




With a state-of-the-art research and development team of highly experienced and well qualified engineers of the best brains in the industry, GreenWave always keep their products up to our customer expectations.


GreenWaveTM offer the best quality products through its Research & Development team and labs testing. Our commitment is to offer products with highest possible technical specs with the best after sales support to ensure the continuity of your business.

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